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Protect your business idea with a professional trademark registration. Learn more in our article "How to register a name as a Trademark".


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Fragen und Antworten zum Widget

How does the Trademark Check widget work?

Using the widget is extremely simple. Type the desired brand in the input field and click "Check". Our widget searches not only for the exact wording, but also for different combinations.

After a short time, the widget will show you the results. If we don't find a brand, you will get the corresponding information.

What trademark databases are checked?

Our widget searches the following databases:

  • Union trademarks
  • German trademarks
  • US trademarks
How do I interpret the results of the trademark check?

For each found entry you get further information like the "trademark authority" or the "application date".

You can also see the status of each brand found:

  • Trademark protection status is unknown
  • Trademark is registered, trademark protection exists
  • Trademark protection is applied for
  • Trademark protection has been refused or application has been withdrawn
  • Trademark protection has expired. No new application has been filed
No trademarks found - so is the name you are looking for free?

No, no hits found is already positive. However, this does not mean that you can safely use your search term or protect it as a trademark. Even trademarks that are similar in some way can pose a risk of confusion. You can further minimize the risk by entering your search term in all possible spellings, i.e. not only "Yippieh", but also "Yipieh", "Yipee" and others.

However, before you actually register a name as a trademark or use it for business purposes, we recommend consulting with attorneys specializing in intellectual property rights.

Are my entries secure?

Yes, your input is safe. We do not store the requested brands. The search terms are used exclusively for the database search.

What does it cost to use the Trademark Check?

The use is completely free of charge. Only if you want to use the brand check as a widget (= small tool) on your website, there are different rates from free to premium.

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